April 10, 2017

Bouche_Exterior_006Windo CurtainsMarbel Table_B_1Bar entrance_6Bar Stools_1Basement Lounge_19A

Bar Table detail_7-1

350 sqm

Our client’s vision for a relaxed series of spaces for fine dining and lounging with a highly thoughtful attention to detail provoked a response which is fundamentally quite minimal with a focus on revealing the beauty of material gestures. The selection and articulation of materials within the restaurant is paramount, with the use of walnut timber, luxurious stones, copper & brass within a modern framework.

The design for the basement bar carries through some common threads from the 100 seat restaurant through the detailing of upholstery, timber and metal surfaces finishes. It was important the design revealed a darker more intimate experience for clientele, the darker sexier cousin of the restaurant so to speak. Lighting design is key here with the expression of the new material gestures set against the old 19th C building fabric providing a potent and playful backdrop for a very luxurious culinary experience.

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